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With 25 years of experience and knowledge, the Beauty Company has developed a dynamic new Nail and Lash brand. Our vision:

to create a brand that is innovative, affordable and accessible to everyone.

The offical launch is on September 1st.





''The ultimate beauty essentials from tip to toe’’- BO. SYSTEMS




BO. SYSTEMS is a collection of products inspired by the serenity that is too often forgotten nowadays.

Moments for yourself are becoming increasingly rare and precious.

Our vision is to offer you opportunities.

Opportunities to find your inner peace, create more beauty moments and allow you

to indulge in total relaxation. It’s your time! 



''Powerful women, taking on the world with beautiful nails’’- BO. NAIL




Let your nails do the talking! Our goal is to enhance your identity and allow you to express your individuality

through your nails. From naturally nude to dramatically dark, we have a color pallet  

to meet your every mood. Whether you want to treat your natural nails

to a nourishing treatment or enhance your nails to an extreme length,

we have a product system to suit your nails and your needs.

Treat yourself to a color explosion with BO.Nail.





''Perfect lash, perfect look, perfect mood'’ - BO. LASH




Volume, lengthen, enhance… 

transform your look with the essentials from BO.Lash!

Feel seductive with a full volume lash look.

Feel naturally confident with the individual lash treatment.

Exude radiance with the BO. Brow Lift.

Express yourself with the most innovative techniques from Bo Lash.