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Essential Nail Treatment Kit

The ideal kit for taking care of your nails!

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BO. NAILS – Powerful women with beautiful nails conquer the world

BO nail products. NAIL allow you to reinforce your identity and emphasize your individuality – through your nails! with BO. NAIL you can provide your nails or those of salon visitors with the most diverse colors. Do you want to pamper natural nails with a nourishing treatment, or are you looking for ways to add extreme length? At BO. NAIL you will undoubtedly find a product system that matches your preference.

From natural nudes to dramatic blacks – with BO. NAIL create your nails for every mood.

Product description

The ideal kit to pamper your nails!

Weak nails, split nails or damaged nails? With this kit you have everything you need to give your nails a boost and make them strong. By applying these products consistently step by step you will notice results within 8 days.

Features & benefits

  • Restores and strengthens the natural nail from the inside out
  • Result within 8 days
  • Has a nourishing and hydrating effect on nails and skin
  • Softens the cuticles
  • Rich in natural protein
  • Rich in vitamin E en B5
  • Suitable for daily use
  • All-in-One repair kit



Scrub softens and exfoliates gently. While rubbing, the rose particles in the scrub will be essential for the nutrition of the cuticles and will give off a delicious rose scent. The ideal product to remove excess cuticle and dead skin cells from the nail plate.

Natural Nail Sanitizer

Natural Nail Sanitizer cleans the surface of the natural nail. It temporarily removes moisture from the natural nail plate. BO. Natural Nail Sanitizer is an essential part of the natural nail preparation process prior to the application of BO. Toughen.


Toughen gives your thin, weak nails an extra boost. BO. Toughen is rich in natural protein essential for nail growth. The protein penetrates through the nail plate to optimize the moisture balance and flexibility of the nail. BO. Toughen also forms a film layer that strengthens the nail. BO. Toughen protects the natural nail from discoloration, yellowing and strengthens from the inside out.


Nourish contains vitamin B5 and gold flakes and absorbs quickly into the skin. The serum rejuvenates, moisturizes and revitalizes the nail and surrounding skin. BO. Nourish is the perfect solution for dry nails and cuticles.


  1. Repair
  2. Repair is a specially developed oil to nourish and soften cuticles with a pleasant almond scent. This oil is perfect for hydrating the skin and penetrates deep into the skin for healthy growth of the natural nail and cuticles.

Cuticle Pusher

With this plastic cuticle pusher the cuticle can be gently pushed back and can be used to detach the cuticle from the nail plate for safe and quick removal.


Step 1: BO. Scrub

Apply BO. Scrub to the nail plate and cuticle, rub it in and gently push the cuticle back with the cuticle pusher. Keep gently rubbing until the particles of the rose petal are completely dissolved into the skin.

Step 2: BO. Natural Nail Sanitizer

Dehydrate the natural nail with BO. Natural Nail Sanitizer. Apply Bo. Natural Nail Sanitizer with the brush to the nail plate. This cleaning allows the BO. Toughen to do a more effective job!

Step 3: BO. Toughen

Apply two coats of BO. Toughen to the natural nail. Repeat this step every day for 4 days for optimal results. Remove the layers of BO. Toughen after 4 days with a nail polish remover of your choice and repeat step 1 and 2 before re-applying BO. Toughen.

Let BO. Toughen dry thoroughly before the next step!

Tip! BO. Toughen can also be used as a base coat for any nail polish.

Step 4: BO. Nourish

Use the brush to apply BO. Nourish to the cuticle and surrounding skin and massage it in.

Repeat this step daily.


Step 5: BO. Repair

Use the pipette to apply a drop of BO. Repair to the cuticle and massage it in.

Repeat this every morning and evening.


After 8 days of intensive use of BO. Essential Nail Treatment Kit you will begin to see and experience a significant difference. Are you going for an optimal result? Repeat these steps for 6 weeks.


Essential Nail Treatment Kit


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