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Dip System Sample Kit

(Includes: Dip Base 15ml, Dip Activator 15ml, Dip Top Coat 15ml, Dip Powder 25gr)

 24,14 incl. BTW

BO. NAILS – Powerful women with beautiful nails conquer the world

BO nail products. NAIL allow you to reinforce your identity and emphasize your individuality – through your nails! with BO. NAIL you can provide your nails or those of salon visitors with the most diverse colors. Do you want to pamper natural nails with a nourishing treatment, or are you looking for ways to add extreme length? At BO. NAIL you will undoubtedly find a product system that matches your preference.

From natural nudes to dramatic blacks – with BO. NAIL create your nails for every mood.

Product description

Use the BO. Dip Powders in combination with the BO. Dip Tacky Base and BO. Dip Activator for beautiful nails in just a few easy steps! With this sample kit you get the opportunity to experiment with our Dip Acrylic System and see how quickly and easily you can create gorgeous, natural and strong nails.

Content: BO. Dip Tacky Base 15ml, BO. Dip Activator 15ml, BO. Dip Fast Dry Top Coat 15ml, BO. Dip Powder 25gr

Features & benefits

  • Perfect manicure
  • Suitable for use in the Dip and Acrylic Systems
  • Quick and easy to use
  • No mess
  • No damage to natural nail bed
  • No primer needed
  • Non-yellowing
  • Easy removal with BO. Acetone
  • All-in-one set


Step 1: Prepare the natural nail as usual.

Step 2: Apply BO. Dip Tacky Base onto the entire nail. NOTE: Keep a few millimeters from the cuticles and sidewalls.

Step 3: Dip the nail in your favorite color. Let the powder set for 15 seconds. Use a Manicure Brush to remove excess powder.

Step 4: Apply a second layer BO. Dip Tacky Base on the entire nail.

Step 5: Apply a second layer of BO. Dip Powder on the entire nail. Let the powder set for 15 seconds. Use a Manicure Brush to remove excess powder.

Step 6: Apply another layer of BO. Dip Tacky Base and allow to dry for 30 seconds.

Step 7: Apply two layers of BO. Dip Activator to cure the BO. Dip Tacky Base.

Step 8: Finishing options:

– Finish with BO. Dip Fast Dry Top Coat for a shiny finish.

– Finish with BO. Dip Air Dry Top Coat Matte for a matte finish.

Step 9: Massage the cuticles with BO. Tea Tree Oil or BO. Argan Oil to top it off.


Remove the Top Coat with a 180 grit file. Take a Nail Wrap with acetone and fold it around the finger. Let it soak for 20 minutes. Remove the Nail Wrap and remove the soaked product with a cuticle pusher or woodstick.


Dip System Sample Kit


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