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Soakable Gel Polish System


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  • BO. Soakable No Wipe Top Gel (15ml)
    BO.NAIL Soakable No Wipe Top Gel (15ml)
     12,50 incl. BTW
     10,63 incl. BTW
  • BO. Air Bond (15ml)
    BO.NAIL Air Bond (15ml)
     6,96 incl. BTW
     5,92 incl. BTW
  • BO. Air Bond (7ml)
    BO.NAIL Air Bond (7ml)
     5,75 incl. BTW
     4,89 incl. BTW
  • BO Sponge Buffer
    BO.NAIL Sponge Buffer 100/180
     2,90 incl. BTW
     2,47 incl. BTW
  • BO Cuticle Prep 15ml
    BO.NAIL Cuticle Prep (15ml)
     5,45 incl. BTW
     4,63 incl. BTW
  • BO. Soakable Base Gel (15ml)
    BO.NAIL Soakable Base Gel (15ml)
     13,50 incl. BTW
     11,48 incl. BTW
  • BO. Gel Cleanser (100ml)
    BO.NAIL Gel Cleanser (100ml)
     5,45 incl. BTW
     4,63 incl. BTW
  • BO. Soakable High Shine Top Gel HEMA Free (15ml)
     13,50 incl. BTW
     11,48 incl. BTW
  • BO Acetone 1000ml
    BO.NAIL Acetone (1000ml)
     15,13 incl. BTW
     12,86 incl. BTW
  • BO Natural Nail Sanitizer 250ml
    BO.NAIL Natural Nail Sanitizer (250ml)
     9,62 incl. BTW
     8,18 incl. BTW
  • BO Rubber Base Warm Pink 15ml
    BO.NAIL Rubber Base Warm Pink (15ml)
     14,46 incl. BTW
     12,29 incl. BTW
  • BO Naturally Beautiful Collection
    BO.NAIL Naturally Beautiful Collection
     30,19 incl. BTW
     25,66 incl. BTW

BO.NAIL: Power women with beautiful nails
BO.NAIL is the line within the BO.SYSTEMS brand that focuses on offering a complete range of nail products. BO.NAIL is the brand for the modern woman, who stands her ground in everyday life, but is also proud of her femininity. We are convinced that through nails, you can express your identity and emphasize your individuality. With the products from our range dip powders, acrylic powders and gel polish, nail technicians and beauty professionals can create colored nails for every mood or occasion. Give a nod to everyday life by applying a true color explosion, or opt for a subtle nude shade to subtly add some color to your nails, or those of clients.
Complete range of nail products from BO.NAIL
Within the range of nail products from BO.NAIL you will also find all kinds of options to provide natural nails with a nourishing treatment or to use a acrylic-, gel nail or dip system to create artificial nails. Extending natural nails (to extreme length) is also possible thanks to the tips and templates from BO.NAIL. Our BIAB (Builder In A Bottle) nail products are handy 3-in-1 solutions combining base, builder and top gels. The BIAB gels can be applied to natural nails, templates and tips, and are therefore a real solution for nail stylists.

Of course you also score all the necessary prep products, disinfection and cleaning agents, files and brushes & instruments at BO.SYSTEMS. Do you need gel polish so that you can apply a nice layer of gel nail polish on your own nails or those of customers? In BO.NAIL’s extensive range of gel polishes we offer what you need!
Order BO.NAIL nail products
Are you a nail technician or other beauty professional and do you believe in the mission to make women shine through nails that match their personality? Then the BO.NAIL range offers the nail products with which you can put this vision into practice. Order the necessary nail products now so that you can get started uninhibited. At BO.SYSTEMS we make sure that if you place orders before 4:00 PM, they will be delivered the next day before 4:00 PM. In addition, the shipping costs for orders in the Netherlands already expire for orders above 25 euros. In Belgium, orders over 40 are shipped free of charge.