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  • BO. Soakable No Wipe Top Gel (15ml)
    BO.NAIL Soakable No Wipe Top Gel (15ml)
  • BO BIAB Clear 15ml
    BO.NAIL BIAB Clear (15ml)
  • BO Gel Cleanser 250ml
    BO.NAIL Gel Cleanser (250ml)
  • BO. Natural Nail Sanitizer (100ml)2
    BO.NAIL Natural Nail Sanitizer (100ml)
  • bo-natural-nail-sanitizer-100ml copy
    BO.NAIL HygiSpray (100ml)
  • BO BIAB Cover Warm Pink 15ml
    BO.NAIL BIAB Cover Warm Pink (15ml)
  • BO BIAB Cover Peach 15ml
    BO.NAIL BIAB Cover Peach (15ml)
  • BO Soakable Matte Top Gel 15ml - Bottle
    BO.NAIL Soakable Matte Top Gel (15ml)
  • BO BIAB Collection Kit
    BO.NAIL BIAB Collection
  • BO Cuticle Prep 15ml
    BO.NAIL Cuticle Prep (15ml)
  • BO Natural Nail Sanitizer 250ml
    BO.NAIL Natural Nail Sanitizer (250ml)
  • BO Salon Success Forms - Dispenser
    BO.NAIL Salon Success Forms

BIAB gel from BO.NAIL
Builder in a bottle, or BIAB, is a gel that resembles a combination of gel polish and acrylic in terms of properties. Our Builder In A Bottle gels are a total solution in which top, builder and basecoat are combined. This is the ideal product for anyone who would like to strengthen natural nails with a long-lasting, tinted strengthening gel, or use it for nail extensions. In addition, BIAB is also very suitable as a basis for gel polish. BO.NAIL offers you loose BIAB gels in various colours. You can also go through the BO. BIAB Collection can buy several gels in different colors at once. This way you can test which color you or your clients like best in the nail salon!
BIAB colors
Our BIAB gels are available in different colours. As a result, it is not necessarily necessary to apply another gel polish to the BIAB; nails provided with a strengthening layer of gel and with a fresh color, both are possible with this total solution! The BO.NAIL BIAB colors you can choose from are:

BIAB White
BIAB Cover Peach
BIAB Cover Cool Pink
BIAB Cover Warm Pink
BIAB Clear

How to apply BIAB?
The great thing about BO.NAIL’s BIAB is that it can be used as a base coat for gel polish, but it can also be used on its own to quickly achieve well-groomed nails. This goes like this:

Preparing the nails the way you are used to
Provide the nails with BO. Air Dry Bonder
Apply a thin layer of BIAB and let it cure for 30 to 60 seconds in a UV/LED lamp
Build the nail into the desired shape or extend the length, then reapply BIAB. Let the BIAB cure again via the lamp.
You can then remove the adhesive layer with the BO. Gel Cleanser. You can then file the nail and use a manicure brush to remove the dust created by filing.
After this it is time to apply the last layer of BIAB, let it cure and clean for extra shine. If desired, you can then apply a Soakable Gel Polish in a color of your choice.

Are you a nail stylist or a different kind of beauty professional and would you like to have access to one total product from now on to realize strong and beautiful nails? Then the products in the BIAB line from BO.NAILS offer a great solution! Try our BIAB gels right away, and don’t forget to immediately add the necessary attributes (such as necessary electrical devices, files, brushes and instruments, tips and templates for nail extensions) so that you can get started with create the most beautiful nails. Order all supplies now in our webshop, to take advantage of our advantages. At BO.SYSTEMS we ensure that orders placed before 16:00 are delivered the next day. In addition, the shipping costs are no longer applicable for orders above 25 euros (the Netherlands). In Belgium, orders over 40 are shipped free of charge.