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BO. Soakable Builder Gel Clear (14 G)

BO. Soakable Builder Gel is a must-have for artificial nails that need to be easily removed.

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BO. NAILS – Powerful women with beautiful nails conquer the world

BO nail products. NAIL allow you to reinforce your identity and emphasize your individuality – through your nails! with BO. NAIL you can provide your nails or those of salon visitors with the most diverse colors. Do you want to pamper natural nails with a nourishing treatment, or are you looking for ways to add extreme length? At BO. NAIL you will undoubtedly find a product system that matches your preference.

From natural nudes to dramatic blacks – with BO. NAIL create your nails for every mood.

Product description

Soakable Builder Gel is a must have for soakable nails. This Builder Gel is easy to apply in just 2 thin layers and creates a strong nail. It is also possible to sculpt nails with the BO. Soakable Builder Gel with tips or forms. This gel is soakable.

Soakable Builder Gel is an essential part of the BO. Salon Speed System as it functions to adhere the BO. Salon Speed Tips to the natural nail, but also ensures that the nails are quickly and easily removable when desired.

Soaks in 5 – 10 minutes (depending on thickness of the layers).

Features & benefits

  • Crystal clear
  • Optimal adhesion
  • Self levelling
  • Soft curing
  • Medium viscosity
  • No yellowing/ UV blockers
  • UV / LED curable: UV: 90 sec – LED: 30 sec

USAGE – natural nail application

Step 1: Prep the nail as usual.

Step 2: Apply a thin layer of BO. Air Bond.

Step 3: Use a BO. Gel Sculpting Brush Oval #6 to apply a thin layer of the BO. Soakable Builder Gel to the natural nail. Cure – UV: 90 sec – LED: 30 sec.

Step 4: Apply a second layer to build the nail. Cure – UV: 90 sec – LED: 30 sec.

Step 5: Remove tacky layer with BO. Gel Cleanser.

Step 6: File the nail and if required finish with one of the BO. Soakable Gel Polish color of your choice or inish the nail with the BO. Soakable No Wipe Top Gel.

USAGE – BO salon speed system

Step 1: Follow the steps for preparing the natural nail.

Step 2: Apply a thin layer of BO. Air Bond on the natural nails and onto the nailbed area of the BO. Salon Speed Tip and let it dry for about 30 seconds (no UV light is used). The product will remain slightly sticky.

Step 3: Apply a bead of BO. Soakable Builder Gel on the back of the tip at the cuticle area.

Step 4: Apply the tip to the nail. Hold the tip at a 45 degree angle and start at the cuticle area and slowly press the tip onto the nailbed ensuring that the tip fits securely.

Step 5: Secure the tip in place by flash curing it under the BO. Salon Speed LED Light for 15 seconds.

Step 6: After applying tips to the entire hand cure for UV / LED curable: UV: 90 sec – LED: 60 sec.


BO. Soakable Builder Gel Clear (14 G)


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