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BO.NAIL Salon Speed Tip – Stiletto (552pcs)

Just as the name states BO. Salon Speed Tips – these tips are the answer to a beautiful salon set in the fastest and most efficient way.

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BO. NAILS – Powerful women with beautiful nails conquer the world

BO nail products. NAIL allow you to reinforce your identity and emphasize your individuality – through your nails! with BO. NAIL you can provide your nails or those of salon visitors with the most diverse colors. Do you want to pamper natural nails with a nourishing treatment, or are you looking for ways to add extreme length? At BO. NAIL you will undoubtedly find a product system that matches your preference.

From natural nudes to dramatic blacks – with BO. NAIL create your nails for every mood.

Product Description

Exactly as the name says BO. Salon Speed Tips – these tips are the answer to a beautiful salon set in the fastest and most efficient way. These full cover tips are carefully designed to create safe, comfortable and lightweight nail extensions.

The BO. Salon Speed Tips are easy to use and comfortable to wear, also they ensure to create beautiful, strong nail extensions for up to 4 weeks. The BO. Salon Speed Tips can be removed quickly and easily with BO. Soakable Gel Remover or BO. Acetone, reducing the dangers of excessive filing or harmful chemicals.

Available in:

Long Coffin
Medium Coffin

Features & Benefits.

  • Quick to apply
  • Quick and easy to remove
  • Lightweight
  • Beautiful, elegant shapes
  • No styling or filing required
  • Great for photo shoots


Step 1: Follow the steps for preparing the natural nail.

Step 2: Apply a thin layer of BO. Air Bond on the natural nails and on the nail bed area of the BO. Salon Speed Tip and let it dry for about 30 seconds (no UV light is used). The product will remain slightly sticky.

Step 3: Apply a drop of BO.Soakable Builder Gel to the back of the tip at the level of the cuticle.

Step 4: Apply the tip to the nail. Hold the tip at a 45-degree angle and start at the cuticle. Slowly press the tip onto the nail bed, making sure the tip fits snugly.

Step 5: Secure the tip by flash curing under the BO. Salon Speed LED Light for 15 seconds.

Step 6: After applying the tips on the whole hand curing for UV / LED curing: UV: 90 sec – LED: 60 sec.


BO.NAIL Salon Speed Tip – Stiletto


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