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BO.LASH Mascara Brush

For optimal effect use the BO. Mascara Brush before, during and after the lash treatment.

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BO. LASH – Confidence thanks to a seductive eyelash look

with BO. LASH eyelash products can transform eyelashes in such a way that a completely different look is given to a face. Eyelash treatments using BO. LASH are the way to create a seductive lash look that encourages self-confidence. Use the innovative techniques of BO. LASH to make yourself or someone else shine.

A perfect lash is part of a look that brings out confidence – and makes you shine.

Product description

For optimal effect use the BO. Mascara Brush before, during and after the lash treatment. These disposable Mascara Brushes have a compact oval head, which is easy to brush all lashes including those in the corner of the eyes. To keep practice sterile, use one disposable brush for each client. Lashes can be brushed individually. This creates more volume and length.

Consider offering a few Mascara Brushes to each client to help them care for their eyelashes at home. Also suitable for use on eyebrows.

Features & benefits

  • Standard size mascara brush
  • Disposable
  • Easy give-away
  • Makes sure the lashes are nicely spread out
  • Soft hair
  • 25 pieces per pack
  • Suitable for eyebrows too


  • Use the BO. Mascara Brush to neatly brush the natural eyelashes to determine the length and thickness of the eyelash. Make a note of the sizes on the intake form/BO. Lash Palette.
  • After the lashes have been cleaned and stuck down with the BO. Nourishing Eye Patch, you can carefully brush the upper lashes.
  • Depending on the lash treatment the BO Mascara Brush is used during and as a final step of the lash treatment to see if knots have formed.

BO. Mascara Brush


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