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BO.LASH Brow Perming Lotion #1 (7,5ml)

BO. Brow Perming Lotion #1 removes the keratin from the eyebrow hairs.

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BO. LASH – Confidence thanks to a seductive eyelash look

with BO. LASH eyelash products can transform eyelashes in such a way that a completely different look is given to a face. Eyelash treatments using BO. LASH are the way to create a seductive lash look that encourages self-confidence. Use the innovative techniques of BO. LASH to make yourself or someone else shine.

A perfect lash is part of a look that brings out confidence – and makes you shine.

Product description

Brow Perming Lotion #1 removes the keratin from the eyebrow hairs. This removes the shape/curl from the eyebrow.

Features & benefits

  • Removes keratin from the hairs
  • Improves lifting of eyebrow hairs from the roots
  • Creates the illusion of fuller brows
  • Lasts up to 4-6 weeks
  • Lotion does not run
  • Ideal to use in combination with the BO. Glue Ring
  • Pump bottle
  • Content: 7,5 ml


1.Once the eyebrow hairs are glued up correctly and straight with the BO. Lifting Adhesive, the BO. Brow Perming Lotion #1 can be applied. Use the BO. Glue Ring for quick and easy application.

2.Place the BO. Brow Perming Lotion #1 in the ring. Apply the BO. Brow Perming Lotion #1 onto the brow hairs with a BO. Application Brush. Make sure all hairs are covered with liquid.

3.Leave the BO. Brow Perming Lotion #1 on the brows for a maximum of 5 minutes. Take into account the type and thickness of the eyebrow hairs.

4.Use a BO. Treatment Applicator to remove BO. Brow Perming Lotion #1 from the hairs. BO. Brow Perming Lotion #1 on the Treatment Applicator can be wiped off on a Cleansing Wipe. Continue to do this until all the lotion is removed. After removing the lotion with the Treatment Applicator, gently wipe the brow hairs with a damp cleansing wipe.

CAUTION: Use only as directed. Keep out of reach of children. Avoid getting into eyes. If contact occurs, rinse with water for a few minutes. If irritation occurs, seek medical advice.


BO. Brow Perming Lotion #1 (7,5ml)


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