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BO.LASH Air Puffer

The BO.Air Puffer is an easy tool to help dry eyelash extension adhesive.

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BO. LASH – Confidence thanks to a seductive eyelash look

with BO. LASH eyelash products can transform eyelashes in such a way that a completely different look is given to a face. Eyelash treatments using BO. LASH are the way to create a seductive lash look that encourages self-confidence. Use the innovative techniques of BO. LASH to make yourself or someone else shine.

A perfect lash is part of a look that brings out confidence – and makes you shine.

Product description

The BO.Air Puffer is an easy tool to help dry eyelash extension adhesive. This handwoven crochet Puffer is ideal to use during or after lash application. Prevent knots by stopping the

Adhesive from flowing onto the other lashes by using the BO.Air Puffer.

The smooth soft rubber puff inside makes the BO.Air Puffer easy to squeeze.

Features & benefits

  • Comfortable to use
  • Fits hand comfortably
  • Easy to squeeze
  • Helps eyelash extension adhesive to dry fast
  • Nice design
  • Soft in your hands
  • Air dosage is easy


Hold the BO.Air Puffer near the lashes and squeeze softly. This prevents the adhesive from being sticky when placing the following lash extensions.


BO. Air Puffer


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